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4 Tips For Getting Ready For Your First Tandem Skydive

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If you have never been skydiving before, you may wonder what you have to do to prepare for your first jump. With tandem jumping, you can get in the air within an hour of your first lesson, meaning you do not need a lot of preparation. However, there are a few things that you should do before you show up for your appointment.  Dress for the Weather Skydiving can be completed at a variety of temperatures and it is important to dress appropriately for your dive. During the summer, you may be able to wear shorts and a t-shirt on warm days. However, keep in mind that the temperature will be significantly cooler when you are at jumping altitude, so you may want to opt for pants instead. During the colder months, you should wear several thin layers as opposed to a single bulky layer. This will allow you to adjust your layers during your training session and select the optimum combination for your dive.  Carefully Choose Who You Bring Whether you have friends skydiving with you or simply watching from the ground, you may want to share the experience with others. However, you should be careful when selecting who comes to watch you. Select friends who are supportive and encouraging as opposed to those who may be pessimistic about your choice of activity. Additionally, keep in mind that any children you bring will need to have an adult to supervise them while you are taking your safety course and completing your jump.  Eat a Light Meal Before Your Appointment  Your first jump will likely be exhilarating and you may experience a large rush of adrenaline. To help control your emotions and remain present for the experience, you should consider eating a light meal before you show up for your appointment. Eating too much can make you feel nauseated, but skipping a meal can contribute to dizziness before or during the jump. A healthy sandwich or salad is a good option before your first jump.  Drink Plenty of Water Before Your Appointment  It is important that you stay hydrated on the day of your jump. You do not need to consume excessive amounts of water, but you should be sure to drink a glass or two of water before your appointment. This will help you remain calm and alert and will also help you deal with dry air that you may encounter while you are at jumping altitude.  For more information about how to prepare for your first tandem skydive, talk to a company like Midwest...

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Family Skiing: Smart Tips A Successful Full-Of-Fun Trip

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Heading to the slopes with the entire family can be a very enjoyable and memorable vacation. However, without the proper preparation and planning, you may find yourself wondering if it was a mistake. Here are a few tips to make sure your family is safe and having fun – without any of the negative drama: Choose a Family-Friendly Mountain. There is basically a mountain out there for everyone when it comes to skiing. Some are steep and windy for those that are much more experienced, while others have less difficult terrain for those just starting out. If you plan on taking part in a ski school, make sure the mountain that you’re heading to has one, as they may not all engage in this type of activity. Although smaller resorts tend to be more family-friendly, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find some small hills at a larger resort. It just takes research. Be Mindful of the Weather. Weather is very important when you have young kids involved. If the snow is coming down in sheets or it is bitter cold, then consider skiing for shorter periods of time. Opt for the shorter runs and make sure to take lots of breaks for hot cocoa. It is better to fully enjoy a half day on the ski slopes than trying to get a whole day’s worth and being miserable the entire time. Consider the Right Gear for Current Conditions. If the sun is out, you and your family will need to apply quality sunscreen to prevent sunburn and skin damage from UVA and UVB rays. If it is windy or extremely cold, you’ll want to make sure you have all the layers on, including facemasks and balaclavas. This is especially for the kids because if they get too cold, you’ll be spending the rest of the day in the lodge. Rent or Buy the Equipment? If you plan to ski every weekend throughout the season, and for years to come, buying may a better option for you. However, if your family is new to skiing and not sure you’re going to enjoy the activity or you only plan on doing it a handful of times a year, then renting ski equipment is likely your best bet. Plus, if you rent, you will know that you have equipment for the local conditions and equipment that is up-to-date in terms of technology. There are usually shops both on and off the mountain with staff who can help you choose the right ski equipment if...

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Symbolic Meanings Of Karate Belt Colors

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Are you considering karate classes for yourself or your child? Karate is a healthy and fun pastime for children and adults, and it even comes with a nifty way to track your progress as you learn – the belts that start out white and are traded in for progressively darker colors as you move through the ranks. You already know that the belt colors can tell you where you are in terms of skill and training, but did you know that each color has a symbolic meaning as well? Take a look at what each belt color represents: Beginner Belts The first three belt colors are white, yellow, and orange. If you think of the discipline of karate as a garden, the white belt symbolizes the potential for new beginning in the garden, like a seed freshly planted in the earth. The next belt, yellow, stands for the sun that encourages that new seed to grow. Orange represents the warmth of the sun as it encourages the new plant – your talent and skill – to emerge from the earth. Intermediate Belts After the orange belt, you’ll move on to the intermediate colors: blue, green, and purple. At this point, your skill in martial arts is like a seedling that’s just broken out from under the earth and is reaching toward the sky, hence the color blue. As you learn more and grow stronger, your skills deepen, the way that a seedling turns a healthy, deeper green color after its roots are established and begins to bloom. The purple belt signifies a change in the garden, like a seasonal change. It signifies that you’re moving into a new phase in your training. Advanced Belts The next belt is the brown belt. Brown represents fall, a time of ripening and harvest. At this point, your skills have matured and ripened, and you’re beginning to reap the rewards of all of your hard work and training. This is followed by a red belt. The color red again represents the sun. Now that the plant – your skill – is mature, it’s closer to the sun, so the color is more brilliant and the heat is warmer. Mastery Belts The black belt stands for the universe beyond the sun – deep black space. Those unfamiliar with karate tend to think of the black belt as the end of the road, but it’s not really an end. There are actually eight levels of black belts. Once you reach the first black belt, you’ve moved beyond the sun and you have a whole new universe to explore and progress through. These symbols do a good job of illustrating why you can’t just rush through your martial arts training – in order to reach each new level, you have to fully develop yourself in the previous level. The journey isn’t just a means of reaching the black belt at the end; instead, the journey itself is the goal, and the black belt simply represents a whole new journey. To learn more, contact a company like H S Lee’s Karate School with any questions you...

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3 Ways To Take An Adventurous Vacation

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If you work all week sitting at a desk or other type of sedentary work, you need to take an adventurous vacation. This gets you out of your house and doing something more exciting. You will come home refreshed and ready for another week at work. Inflatable Boat An inflatable boat can work on fresh water or salt water, as well as for sports, such as water skiing. If you have never water skied before, this is even more adventurous for you. Take water skiing lessons, or find lessons online. You can also purchase an inflatable sailboat if you want to go sailing for the weekend. When purchasing this type of boat, make sure the material is durable, such as polyester fabric, and then coated with PVC. What makes it durable is the PVC coating. This depends on if the coating is calendared, which means it is brushed on both the top and bottom layer, or laminated, which is three layers of PVC coating on the outer, inside, and middle of the fabric. Both of these types are durable, but the calendaring process is the most durable. Mountains Take a trip to Colorado or other area where you can find mountains, and go rock climbing, skiing, etc. If you have never been rock climbing before, you can find mountain schools that will teach you. They will show you how to use the right equipment and let you practice on smaller mountains. If you have never skied before, there are instructors at the ski resorts to show you how. There are many places you can rock climb. A popular place is areas close to Colorado Springs and the Grand Lake National Park. Visit a visitor’s center in this state and ask about the best places to go. Your City If you do not want to travel, you can have an adventure where you live. Visit areas of the closest city that you have never visited before. If there are tourist attractions near you, act like you are a tourist and visit them. Go to parks in your area and walk the trails. Research before you set out, and you may be surprised to find trails that you never knew existed. Spend the week there, bring along a tent, and camp out. Because you cannot likely take a full week’s vacation each month, plan weekend outings like this every couple of weeks. This will keep you and the whole family active while having fun. For more fun ideas, contact a company like Adventures In...

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